The best to keep you going!

The Milremo chamois features a seamless half moon shape. This innovative solution  helps the rider improve stability and wearability on the saddle, as the  chamois shape perfectly wraps around the body of the cyclist, and adapts to all movements of the pedal. The central seam 
elimination is the first step to a new era of cycling pads, specifically created to remove any kind of friction. We were able to combine the best features of our fabrics and foams, creating a pad that provides unprecedented performance absorbing qualities. 

Comfort Chamois (MEN and WOMEN version)
  1. Polyester fabric offers a sensation of new soft feel and a movement freedom to the wearer. Faster dry.
  2. Ergonomic wings
  3. open cell foam
  4. three-dimensional cutting
  5. extreme flexibility, Soft edges

PRO Chamois (MEN and WOMEN version) 
  1. Fast wicking polyester top fabric
  2. Ergonomic wings, molded tech
  3. anatomic cut with max protection
  4. perforated open 4mm cell foam density 40g/m3
  5. additional shock absorption 4mm foam
  6. 10mm perforated foam  density 90g/m3 for better breathability
  7. armadillo technic for better fit